Thursday, September 29, 2011

Singapore Social Media Statistics 2011 [Infographic]

Spent a few hours today researching and creating this infographic that summarises some social media statistics of Singapore.  You can click on the image to get a 1024x768 version of it.

Social Media in Singapore [Infographic]

For companies who are looking for ways to reach out to their customers, these numbers are yet another reminder to the need to expand their social media presence.

More than half of Singaporeans are on Facebook and a large proportion of these are the up-and-coming Gen-Y and Gen-Z youngsters who are already part of the consumer markets with dollars to spend.  Many Gen-Xers are also active social media users. 

Add up the numbers for these groups, you get a staggering 72% which means that targeting these two groups will definitely translate into high customer equity for the company which implements a consistent and long-term social media strategy.

And for companies whose target  consumers are the seniors, do not ignore social media in Singapore either as you can see, though only 9% of social media users are above 55, there is also a significantly high proportion of middle-aged residents who will turn 55 in a few years, 19% to be exact.

The numbers also show that globally, Facebook has a larger user-base of 800 million compared to LinkedIn which has 120 million only.  And Facebook is also more prevalent and popular in more countries, the result of which Singapore, though having a respectable number of 2.59 million, we are at a ranking of 50 only, behind countries like Indonesia (ranked #2), India (ranked #3), Philippines (ranked #8).  We are more than double the rank behind compared to our closest neighbour Malaysia  which ranks #17 on the list.

On the LinkedIn platform however, Malaysia lags behind Singapore.  Though just one rank behind us at #26, the penetration rate of LinkedIn for Malaysia users is a 2.36% only, compared to Singapore which has a penetration rate of 13.74%.  But then again, the percentage is still miserably low.  Imagine, less than a fifth of our population have actually created professional profiles for themselves which might find them jobs, answers to their burning professional questions, business opportunities etc.  I personally love the Linkedin Platform and I think more people should know of its benefits.   You can view a summary of the benefits of LinkedIn here at a presentation I gave to my students a few days ago.
Malaysia 616 465 11 751 060 2.36% Source:

Finally, I should acknowledge the sources where I took the information from.  The Facebook and LinkedIn information was gleaned from SocialBakers while the information about Internet audience profile was from comScore.  Sadly, I can't seem to find the numbers for the number of Twitter users in Singapore, despite searching and searching and searching. :(

Oh yah, I must thank the following sources for the images I used as well:
Singapore Flag, Population, Laptop image and Female and male

And not to forget, my favourite graphics editing software Fireworks, besides Photoshop :) Pin It

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