Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook - New Update Options

In my last post, I showed a screenshot of how the new Facebook "Timeline" has changed the way you can show off your own "story" to your friends and how you can view the "stories" of your friends as well.

Besides the revamped interface, Facebook has also introduced new ways you can reflect lifestage changes in your Timeline, besides adding status updates and photos which were already present in the older versions of the Facebook Profile.

If you see the screenshot right below this paragraph (Figure 1), you can see that beside the familiar Status Updates and Photo icons, there are several new icons beside them.
Figure 1: Spot the new icons on the right which look like:
a briefcase, a heart, a house, an apple, a flag

So what can these new icons do? Basically here's a short explanation of their purposes and a screenshot to accompany the explanation.

The "briefcase" icon lets you fill in information about your work and education (Figure 2). So you can click this button whenever you have just changed a job, graduated from a course etc and want to let others know about it.  And if you want to let everyone know about these life-transformations, you can check the "Feature on Timeline" menu item or choose to turn it off if you want to keep these updates low-profile.

Also, if the default "Add a job" or "Graduated" verbs do not quite fit in what you want to announce to the world, you can click the "Other Life Event" menu item to customize what you want to say, as shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 2: What you'll see if you click the "Briefcase" icon

Figure 3: You can customize your "LIFE EVENT" if Facebook's default option doesnt quite fit what you want to announce

The "heart" icon lets you fill in information about your relationships with others.  So you can let others know you just "got engaged", "got married", "had a child", "got a new pet" or "lost a loved one" etc. As just like the briefcase option, you can also customize your own Life Event here.

The "house" icon lets you inform others of your location and whereabouts.  So you can say you have "moved", "bought a home", "added a roommate" or bought a new car etc.

The "apple" icon lets you report on your state of wellness and health.  You can let other knows if you just sprained your ankle, had surgery etc.

Finally, the "flag" icon lets you declare milestones and achievements you want to share.  E.g. you learnt a new language, got a new licence, travelled to a new place, got some achievement or award etc.

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