Monday, June 20, 2011

Yahoo! AppSearch (Search iPhone or Android apps using Yahoo search engine)

Last week, Yahoo added a new search tab Yahoo! App Search to its search interface that will allow you to search specifically for iPhone or Android apps.

You can type your search query just as I have done in the screenshots below to retrieve relevant search results.  Besides using keywords to search for your preferred type of apps, the site also includes trending apps, daily personalized app recommendations, related apps to the one you’ve searched for, and direct links to the iPhone App Store and Android Marketplace for speedy downloading.

At first look, it does look rather useful.  I am definitely bookmarking this one for myself :)

Search results with two keywords "Photoeffects" and "Free"

Clicking on an app link brings you to a page like this, where you will see details of the app, Yahoo user reviews (if any) and links to related apps

If you click on the "Free" yellow button as in previous screenshot, you will be brought to this page where you can click on "Send link to phone" and you will asked to key in your handphone number.

Cool! Yahoo automatically detected I am from Singapore and prompts me to enter my hp number

And yes, I received an SMS from them almost instantly after I clicked the "Send" button!

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