Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What do you love?

Have you checked it out yet?

Google has just released a new website called “What Do You Love” that presents a nondescript search box just like the one on the main Google page, but this time with a heart-shaped button.

<3 the heartshaped button!

I tried it out, and kind of like what I saw.

Instead of the usual list of text-based search results that you get on the regular Google page,  this new service presents a view consisting of small panels as shown in the screenshots below.

For example, if you search for “Yoghurt”,  panels such as “See pictures of YOGHURT”, “Explore popularity of YOGHURT”, “Find books about YOGHURT” and so on will be shown.

These little panels can be further expanded by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.   And if you want more results of the category (e.g. videos about YOGHURT), there is another button in the upper right corner of the panel and you can go directly to that service.

 Quite cool.  Try it out yourself! :)

Using "YOGHURT" as the keyword

iPhone as keyword turns out lots of results!
See how popular it is!

Using my name as keyword search.
No books, no pictures found.
And so unpopular, they can't even form a graph for me! :(

There is a whole lot of different panels.
So Google lets you use the mouse
to move the page up and down easily as shown on the arrow in this screenshot

Keyword search on "Singapore Polytechnic"
Google's Sketchup featuring one of the SP buildings in 3D.
When I clicked that link,
it showed me a whole lot of other 3D models of SP, cool!

See that little button on the bottom right hand-corner?
You can click this to expand or collapse a panel.

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