Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome Post

Since that fateful day when we got an iPod touch for $228, I am now officially an Apple fan-boy - having acquired three more Apple gadgets:
  • An IPhone 4 (in Sep 2010) - around $460
  • A Nov 2010 13 inch Macbook Air (in Jan 2011) - $2,905.10
  • An IPad II (in Apr 2011) - around $1,108
Ok, if you calculate the total cost of these 4 gadgets, I spent almost like 5 grand on them *scary thought*

But then again, if you ask me if I have any regrets, I would say, not at all! Because I have highly enjoyed the convenience and benefits that these devices bring with them, and yup, if I were given another choice to decide if I would buy them, the answer is a definite YES!

My life now largely revolves around fiddling around with these "toys" and part of the fiddling involves downloading apps for each platform and trying them out.  Some of the apps which I have tested "wow"ed me, others were disappointing.  Also, being new to the Macbook platform, there were many things I didn't know initially while using the MacOS, and often had to Google to search for solutions.

This blog is started with the intention of:
  • sharing the reviews of some of the selected apps that I have downloaded, some free, some paid so that the readers can discover good applications without the hassle of downloading and trying them out, as well as to avoid wasting money on some of the not-so-good ones.
  • sharing some of the knowledge that I have acquired through my learning experiences as a newbie to the MacOS platform. 

I welcome any comments and suggestions to improve the blog for the benefit of my readers.  Enjoy and thanks alot! ^^ Pin It

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