Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly sum-up of Apple Inc. news for week ending 2011-06-18

Stock update for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ)

Apple for iPad reportedly coming in weeks
Apple kicks off back-to-school promo: buy a Mac, get a $100 AppStore gift card
Apple's iTunes Store, App Store now cost roughly $1.3 billion a year to operate
WWDC survey finds 47% of iOS developers support Android, 7% write for Mac
Apple launches new iPad2 ad

In the same article linked above, Horace Dediu reports that Apple released the following data in its last WWDC 2011 event
  • 15 Billion iTunes song downloads
  • 130 million book downloads
  • 14 billion app downloads
  • $2.5 billion paid to developers
  • 225 million accounts
  • 425k apps
  • 90k iPad apps
  • 100k game and entertainment titles
  • 50 million game center accounts
 And Horace also reckons Apple is rich enough to buy out every other phone maker except Samsung. Pin It

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